Wildthunder wars needs a Christmas Miracle

Currently, your donation is needed to provide shelter for the animals. A large building has been donated to house our adoptable pets and wildlife. This building needs to be removed from the current property as it has sold. Your contribution will help turn this building into a shelter and save countless animals every year. Your gift is crucial. Right now, your contribution will have an even greater impact because a generous soul has offered to match your donation dollar for dollar. The match means that if you donate $10, we will receive $20. The donor has agreed to match as high as $5,000 to help us reach our $20,000 goal. (We've had to update our cost as we were initially not given correct information. We thought the company that moved the home also does the site preparation. They only do part of it, and we have to hire another company to do the bulk of the work. This adds $5,000 to our total needed.)

Brief project cost breakdown: $10,000 Move and set up of building $ 5,000 Site preparation to receive the building $ 2,000 Replace roof $ 3,000 Building materials (Building materials = framing to make separate rooms for wildlife, cats, quarantine, sickbay, medical supplies, etc.)

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