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If you have a question regarding wildlife, please fill out the form below to contact Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation and Sanctuary.  We are a State and Federally licensed masterclass wildlife rehabilitator for injured and orphaned wildlife, reptiles, bats and raptors. 

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If you find a wild animal that needs help, please put it in a dry, warm, safe and quiet location.  Do not feed or water and call or contact us at 319-961-3352 or

If you are inquiring about the post with the bra clasps for turtle shell repair, there is a 2 year old Facebook post circulating again with our information. Thanks to the success of the original post, we now have clasps to last us for many, many years. The picture included in the post is not from Wildthunder. These are the pictures from our turtle rehabilitation. 

Turtle 1.jpg
Turtle 2.jpg
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