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This is Stinky when he came in with severe head injuries, fractures to the head and face, swelling and infected  necrotic tissue (which is how he earned his name). 

And this is Stinky and a friend being release back into the wild  3 and a half months later.

Click the button for Stinky's story and pictures of his rehabiliation.



This is Big Hoss, he was found as a stray in Waterloo,  Iowa.   He had pneumonia and was not expected to live.   After a few weeks of extensive treatment, the right temp and humidity, he has fully recovered.  

in 2020 Wildthunder made a post asking for friends to recycle their old bras to help us mend the turtles that come into rehab. This quickly went viral! and there is now articles all over the world mentioning the work we do 

Turtle 2_edited.jpg
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