About us


Wildthunder W.A.R.S.(Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation and Sanctuary) is a 501 c3 non profit organization and a 509 a2 public charity.  Tracy Belle, the Founder and Director is a masterclass wildlife rehabilitator and has been rehabbing wildlife, reptiles  and mammals for over 25 years.

Wildthunder is State and Federally licensed to rehabilitate wildlife and raptors.  We take in wildlife of all kinds including bats, reptiles, mammals and raptors.   We are also a state licensed animal welfare facility and rescue .      In addition to working with the Department of Natural Resources, we also work with several other organizations including Animal Control, Humane Societies, Law Enforcement and other Wildlife organizations. 

We sometimes take in non native species and often other critters in need.   We do this out of pocket, voluntarily and on donations . Links can be found at the bottom of this page for those who want to donate.    


Thank you for helping us give the Earth's creatures a second chance .

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       We also are selling art, prints and hand sculpted roses , signs and jewelery to help raise funds for the animals care .                                                                                                 You can see some of the items here: