Wildthunder rehab

We work around the clock sometimes with middle of the night feedings, late night intakes and sitting up with a sick critter to see them through a rough night.


Our life is centered around these animals. Vet visits, pick ups and food runs.  We feed, we medicate, we clean.  It's all for the good of the creatures.  We are here to help them mend and return to the wild whenever its possible.  


At times its exhausting, but its a labor of love and the best reward is to see the animal recover, get a new home, run, fly or crawl back into the wild. That's the best reward and it makes it all worthwhile.

Our mission is to make a better life for the creatures that come to us, to get them healthy and whole again and to return them to nature when we can.


 To find loving people to give a stray cat a new chance to be in a loving home, a snake saved from a fire a safe forever place to live.

To help with animals who are sick, injured or homeless a new lease on life.

We do all we do for the love of the Earth's creatures, feathered, furred or scaled.  We do our best to help each animal who comes to us in need.


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